Crop an irregular shape using Intersect

The crop tool in CorelDRAW X3 will only do a rectangular crop. What if you wanted to crop a complex image that includes a bitmap into an odd shape?

For this tutorial you'll want to have the Shaping docker open.
To open this docker, select from the menu bar Arrange > Shaping > Shaping

We'll use a complex image that is grouped. The sky background is a bitmap and the Acropolis is a vector object from the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 CD.

Step 1:

Place an object, which is the crop shape, over the image you want to crop. It could be a complex image group.

Step 2:

In the shaping docker, choose Intersect from the drop down menu.

With Source Object(s) and Target Object(s) deselected,
click on the box Intersect With.

Click on the object (or grouped objects) you want to crop.